Wolf power: hold and win


Wolf Power: Hold And Win is a new video slot machine from Playson which will be releasing soon. This highly anticipated video slot game will be based on the hit TV show, The Wolf Pack on MTV. The game will be different from other slots games as it will have a theme centered on the popular television series, The Wolf Pack. Below is an overview of this new slot game.

Wolf Power: Hold And Win is a new slot game from Playson based on the hit TV show, The Wolf Pack. This high tech progressive slot machine will be introducing many exciting bonus features. The progressive slot machine game is all about the color combinations that are used in the betting process. Players can expect to see the traditional colors of green, red, yellow and orange on the bonus screens.

In the bonus game, players will need to use the power symbols while they are playing in order to win the game. This can be done by hitting the power symbol button while the coin change hands. Once you hit the power symbols, a special light will come out on the screen. You can then use the provided icons to reveal the power symbols that are hidden on the screen. When you hit these symbols, a spider web will start to appear on the screen.

In the game, the player has to slide the jackpots towards the red line and keep them there. If the jackpot prize is not reached within a single game, then you will have to play in different games until you get the jackpot prize that you want. In the bonus game, there are three jackpots with equal amounts. The amount of game you have to play in order to reach all the jackpots is ten. If you hit all of the jackpots in a single game, you will earn the jackpot prize.

There are two methods to play this slot machine game. Option A is where you choose to play for cash. Option B is where you play for bonuses. To earn more points, you can pick option A. If you use the stacked wild symbol while playing, you will earn more points.

In the main game, you have to predict five symbols that are randomly selected from the five wild slots. Once you find a combination, you have to click on the small red button and wait for the light to turn on. When you do, a spider web will show up containing one of the symbols you picked. Then, you just have to click on the spin button and you have played the bonus game. The Wolf Power: Hold And Win Bonus is just one of the many ways to maximize your chances of winning in this game.