Rich diamonds: hold and win


The latest trend in gambling, the recently popular home game of chance, has been revitalised by a new betting game called Rich Diamonds: Hold and Win. Like many of the slot machines of old, a player pays a token or consideration to spin the reels, hoping that they will “hit” a payoff. If the reels do not hit on a payoff, the player will not be charged any money; but if they do hit a payoff, they will get that much more time (usually about one minute) to play again, at a reduced rate. This makes the game irresistible to players who like to play many different games at once, or who like to gamble “off the beaten path.” Like many of today's casino slot machines, Rich Diamonds is a high stakes, high reward progressive slot machine that can pay off thousands of dollars over the course of twenty minutes – if luck and skill are harnessed.

The mechanics of Rich Diamonds are similar to those of the traditional slot machine. The main difference between this version and the old standby, the traditional “machine game,” is that the reels are not randomly arranged on the casino floor. Instead, each machine is linked with a computer system that randomly places the reels onto the playing line. The results of each spin are announced on the screen before every game session begins. If you bet the correct number, you will “win” the game.

If you do not want to “waste” your time or money, you should opt for the no-load progressive version of Rich Diamonds. This version features progressive slots that load one at a time. As you reach the jackpot, the machines load more coins and you have a better chance of hitting it. The best news is that when you do hit the jackpot, the game slows down considerably and the jackpot size increases. No matter what you may be feeling, this is the way to go when playing Rich Diamonds.

Now, if you are the kind of player who wants to “play through” a game as fast as possible without spending any of your winnings, then the no-load progressive slot machine is for you. This version of Rich Diamonds features a variety of games that can all be played while you wait for the next coins to be loaded onto the machine. You can also choose which game you would like to play and how much you want to spend for it. In addition to the classic slots, this game offers other games such as Bingo, Jokers and other casino games. When playing Bingo, you get to choose the cards that you want to place on the Bingo Wheel. In this game, you need to determine how much to bet and what bet size you want to play with.

One of the most exciting features of Rich Diamonds: Hold and Win is the multi-player game feature. When you are playing the game, the slots randomize the outcome of every other player. There are five types of multi-player games including Storyline, Multi-Money, Jackpot, Free Wheel and Turbo Jackpot. If you think that you might lose your wagers in a multi-player game, you can always switch to another game until the end of the session. The Hold and Win version of Rich Diamonds: Hold and Win is a lot of fun and gives players an exciting gaming experience.