Hand of gold


The Hand of Gold is a fun online casino game that involves real playing time. It is one of the more popular free casino games and also has a large number of players. The game involves a story and is set around the ancient Greek mythology theme. The setting is quite a traditional old temple, with the game taking place on its large staircase in front of which, you'll notice many beautiful large trees and sometimes a lovely sunset in the background. The game can be played by two to four players at a time, and the game is best for those who enjoy a nice atmosphere and looking out into the natural landscape.

The aim of the game is to collect as much money as possible, by using the golden touch feature on the slots machine. There are two ways to play Hand of Gold, straight forward and strategy. For the straight forward method, the player begins by selecting a casino slot machine and then chooses a value from a selection menu and applies it to the machine. When the red light on the machine shows that something has been selected, a jackpot is given out to the player – and if that player lands on a jackpot then the game is over and the player has won!

If a player wants to play the game more strategically, then they need to learn how to use the reels. There are five reels in total and are named A-B-C. The player chooses one of these five reels and presses the spin button to start the reels. By selecting the spin button a golden touch feature will activate on the machine and the game will now play according to a system that has been programmed into the machine.

In the traditional slot machine games, there is only a limited amount of time that can be played for each reel. Each time the reels are spun, they add a new bonus symbol to the machine. But this time, there are two bonus symbols on the machines. One is for free spins and the other is for winning. By winning on free spins, in many cases, players will be able to receive real cash rewards!

The online game of Hand of Gold offers a lot of excitement and challenges for the game players. It is exciting because it is different from the traditional slot machines where the reels spin continuously for a fixed number of cycles. In this game, a certain amount of coins are accumulated by the players, and then they need to make use of a special tool to access the golden touch symbol on the reels.

This can be achieved by clicking on the golden touch icon on the reels. Once the player has accessed the icon, then he/she must click on it to spin the reels. Players who win this game will be rewarded with real cash value as their prize. Other kinds of online slot games also feature the same golden touch symbol that allows players to access the golden symbols for regular symbols.