Book of gold 2: double hit


Book of Gold 2: Double Hit is a newly released online casino slot game developed by Playson. This unique take on the classic game of slots features a unique bonus system, double the regular amount of reels, and unlimited chances of hitting a two-triple jackpot. If you're familiar with traditional slots games where jackpots can be won only once, then you'll definitely appreciate the new double jackpot feature. You also have double the chances of hitting much higher amounts than usual.

This fast-paced strategy game presents four distinctive game fields to select from and switch between in-game. These game fields are Free Spin, Single Spin, Multi-Spin, and High Stack. Each of these game fields is uniquely designed and provides a different set of incentives for all players. Some of the free-spinning game fields in this online slot game include:

Free Spins: As the name implies, free spinning slots offer players the option to spin as many times as you wish without spending any credits. There are no time limitations. The more spins you perform, the higher your chances of hitting a big jackpot. However, you are not given an option to stop here. Once you've hit a maximum of two free spins, then you are forced to wait until the end of the session before you can spin again.

Single Spins: In this slot game, you have to select a single destination for your spins. In earlier versions of this slot game, you were given the freedom to switch between any two destinations in the game. But in version 2 of the Book of Gold, you are restricted to a single destination for all your spins. This means that once you land on a single destination, you cannot move to another until the next player lands on a free spin.

Double Hits: In this version of the slot game, you are permitted to play with two different icons. You can rotate them depending on the availability of players at the casino. In earlier versions of this slot game, if you hit a single icon, your icon would be removed from the playing area. The free spins that you get are limited to a maximum of two. In the second book of gold 2: double hit, you are allowed to perform two free spins before being forced to play a double-spinning icon.

As you can see, there's a lot that has been changed when it comes to the game fields of the Book of gold 2: double hit. Players are able to choose which attributes they want to focus on so that they can increase their chances of winning in this slot game. It is interesting to know that not only the casino is getting innovative with their games, but also the users of these slots are.